The U.k’s only Classic Jukebox manufacturer has announced the launch of a brand new LP playing jukebox on National Album Day 2018.

Saturday 13th October, National Album Day 2018, marks 70 years of the LP vinyl record. In celebration of this milestone, Yorkshire-based Sound Leisure has created their first LP playing jukebox, the ‘Anniversary’ Jukebox will be available in two models, the ‘East Coast’ and ‘West Coast’.

Having been an ambition of Sound Leisure’s founder and chairman Alan Black since 1968, the company will finally bring this vision to reality whilst celebrating its 40th year in business.

Alan Black commented:

“I’ve dreamed about creating an LP playing jukebox for 50 years, so to be able to finally see it happening is a dream come true. I’m really proud of the whole Sound Leisure team for this innovation, the jukebox is truly magnificent, I can’t wait to see this out there!”

In 1948 Columbia Records unveiled the new 33⅓ rpm LP technology, pioneered by Hungarian engineer, Peter Carl Goldmark. A non-breakable, twelve-inch microgroove disc with the playing time of 23 minutes per side and improved sound quality, the innovation continues to remain a popular choice among retro music enthusiasts.

Sound Leisure’s LP jukebox holds ten LPs, with an ability to play both sides of each record. It features a four-channel amplifier which drives the five-way speaker to produce superb audio reproduction.

Designed as a classic 50’s vintage style jukebox, with characteristic bumper bars on the front grille, the Juke is a show stopping piece more than 40 years in the making, set to wow vinyl fans, from the original enthusiasts to the new generations of music lovers.

Based in Leeds, Sound Leisure manufacturers and ships its bespoke products globally to some of the world’s most prestigious locations. The family-run firm is currently the only manufacturer of 7” vinyl playing jukeboxes and one of only two classic jukebox producers in the world.

The Anniversary machine will make its debut at the Rock Around the Jukebox show in Rosmalen, Holland on 13-14 October, with its first UK appearance at the Jukebox and Retro Fair, Chessington on 27-28 of this month.

Managing director at Sound Leisure, Chris Black comments:

“We’re extremely excited to add the LP playing mechanism to our range, we now are the only company in the world able to offer a 7” and LP vinyl Jukebox. Alongside our CD and Digital models we now cater for every audio format. The LP player has been in the wings for some time, however we wanted to wait for the right moment to launch it and National Album day seemed to be the correct time. Launching this in conjunction with our 40 year celebrations makes it even more special.

“We strive for innovation, using the finest technology to bring much loved retro music to the forefront, we’re confident this will be a hit with music lovers across the globe.”