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A lifetime of support

Because we design and build every Sound Leisure Classic Jukeboxes to last, you don’t ever really own a Sound Leisure Classic Jukebox, you’re simply looking after it for the next generation…

Jukebox Spares

If you need a replacement part for your jukebox, our well stocked spares department is the go to location. We stock everything from replacement bubble tubes and remote controls to motors and drive belts. A selection of our most popular spare parts is available via our webstore, but as our total stock contains over 10,000 spare parts and components we simple can’t list everything!

If you are unable to find the exact component you are looking for or aren’t sure what you need, please ‘contact us’ and we will help you find the perfect part.

Jukebox Repairs

Our Repairs department has a wealth of knowledge and expertise regarding Sound Leisure jukeboxes which spans right back to our foundation in 1978. We can diagnose and repair faults to all kinds of equipment manufactured by Sound Leisure over the decades, including amplifiers, printed circuit boards, interface boards and changer mechanisms.

Our helpful team can often identify and explain the cause of specific issues via the telephone or email, then provide options and estimates for the cost of likely repairs to allow you to then choose how to proceed.

Jukebox Servicing

Sound Leisure Jukeboxes are marvels of modern engineering which can feature hundreds of electrical and mechanical components working in close synchronisation.  Like all complex systems, components can ware and move, expand and contract, loosen or tighten. While we design and manufacture all our jukeboxes to a very high standard and to be as tough and durable as is humanly possible, the passage of time is relentless so it’s worth considering how best to ensure the long term health of your jukebox.

We offer a wide range of service options for our customers to ensure you can keep your pride and joy running to its full potential. So whether your jukebox comes to us, or we come to you, a periodic once-over by our expert engineers will guarantee it’s as good as new and always ready to Rock ‘n’ Roll!

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Case Studies

Custom Shop Rocket: Sola Flecha
RESTORATION: 1990’s CD Manhattan jukebox
RESTORATION: 1996 CD Gazelle jukebox


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