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Sound Leisure has always prided itself on building durable products that last a generation. We continue to do our upmost to ensure we can continue to support even our oldest products, because we have always believed ‘making good’ is just as important as ‘making new’.


Sound Leisure has been manufacturing jukeboxes for over 40 years so there is a huge volume of older products and models in circulation across the world. Like our current jukeboxes, all our early models were produced to a full commercial specification and were most commonly placed in nightclubs, bars, cafes and restaurants around the world where they played day in, day out, for decades. A new generation of collectors and owners have realised the value of these early models and we now regularly receive older Sound Leisure jukeboxes at our factory for partial or full restoration.

These projects are amazing in every way, as every jukebox has a unique story which can be interpreted through its appearance and condition. Our detailed manufacturing records can pinpoint exactly when and where each journey began, in some cases right down the name of the person who built it.


Sound Leisure’s R&R department is dedicated to restoring these works of art to their original glory both aesthetically and mechanically and we’re happy to take the clients lead in terms of the ambitions of any project.

Some clients require a sympathetic, authentic restoration which allows the cabinet to wear its age with pride. Our expert team of engineers can service and repair even our oldest technology platforms and changer mechanisms and bring them back to life, and the deep, warm aesthetic of a lovingly restored 30 year old dome top cabinet truly is a breath-taking sight.

Other clients take the opportunity to create something entirely unique and contemporary from the original cabinet, updating the internal technology to our latest hardware platform and mechanism, converting from CD to Vinyl or adding a striking paint finish and Custom Shop options to bring the jukebox right up to date.

Whatever the requirements, we’re here to explain the options and help bring each jukebox back to life, a new chapter for a new generation.

Case Studies

RESTORATION: 1990’s CD Manhattan jukebox
RESTORATION: 1996 CD Gazelle jukebox

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