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Wurlitzer CD player replacement kit


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Introducing a new CD Conversion kit for Wurlitzer ‘One More Time’ CD jukebox owners. This is a BRAND NEW, commercial grade CD player solution, developed and manufactured by Sound Leisure. It uses the same proprietary CD player components and technology we fit in all our production CD Classic Jukeboxes which are sold across the globe.

This is a NEWLY MANUFACTURED replacement CD player for Wurlitzer jukeboxes, not an old Philips CD player that has been serviced, repurposed or rebuilt!

This kit can be used to replace the Phlips CDM3, CDM4, or CDM12 CD players which were commonly used in Wurlitzer Classic Jukeboxes manufactured between 1990 and 2014 when Wurlitzer ceased production.


Full Product Description

Introducing our CD Conversion kit for Wurlitzer CD jukebox owners, manufactured in the UK by Sound Leisure Ltd.

Its a little known fact that until relatively recently, the vast majority of CD jukeboxes EVER produced utilised CD player technology manufactured by Philips. As digital music started to become more popular and product manufacturers started moving to other formats, Philips eventually took a decision to cease production of their CD player solutions in 2014. By this time, Wurlitzer had already manufactured their last jukeboxes, finally going out of business in 2013, leaving legacy Wurlitzer CD jukeboxes owners with a major issue…. How to repair a jukebox when the CD player fails?

By 2015, Sound Leisure had completed the development of our own, proprietary CD player technology and moved production of all our CD models over to this platform. We continue to manufacture and sell CD jukeboxes to this day, exporting them across the globe to happy customers! Our latest CD player technology (Series 3 Unity, or S3U for short) was released in 2020 and is the platform around which all our current production CD jukeboxes and manufactured.

This Wurlitzer CD replacement kit takes our current S3U CD platform and houses it in a package that’s directly compatible with Wurlitzer ‘One More Time’ jukeboxes and as far as we know, it is the only NEW CD player solution for Wurlitzer jukeboxes currently in production anywhere in the world.

It includes the metal ‘sledge’ and all the associated cables, connection and equipment to upgrade a Philips CDM3, CDM4 or CDM12 CD player to Sound Leisure’s current CD platform. If you are unsure which CD player type is installed in your Wurlitzer jukebox, the following dates usually provide a good indication of the model used:

  • CDM3 (1990 – 1992)
  • CDM4 (1992 – 1994)
  • CDM12 (1994 – 2014)

This popular conversion kit can be considered ‘universal’ as it is a “one kit fits all” solution for Wurlitzer ‘One More Time’ jukeboxes. It offers Wurlitzer owners a great alternative to purchasing refurbished, rebuilt and repaired original Philips players, the majority of which are already approaching at least a decade in storage or use.

For more information please see the VIDEO section below. The kit comes with full installation instructions and can be fitted with basic technical experience.

You can also view the installation instructions in the DOWNLOAD section below.

If you would like further assistance or have any questions relating to the Wurlitzer One More Time CD kit, please contact us.



  • Designed and built in the UK by Sound Leisure
  • Utilises SL’s proprietary S3U CD platform as used in all our production CD Classic Jukeboxes
  • Replaces CDM3, CDM4 and CDM12 Philips CD players
  • Commercial grade CD player technology
  • Supported by Sound Leisure technical team
  • Full installation instructions included




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