A Lincolnshire care home has reported a significant improvement to its resident’s health and happiness due to the addition of a Sound Leisure Classic Jukebox.

Gainsborough-based Grosvenor Care Home installed a classic jukebox from UK manufacturers, Sound Leisure in July and has seen a positive increase in the motivation, exercise and joy of its residents and employees since. Chris Bainborough, manager of the independent care home commented:

“We have a dance teacher who comes in to help motivate and exercise our residents. She cannot get enough of it and thinks it’s amazing. It has had such a positive impact on everyone, one of our residents was playing Salvation Army music through the jukebox and was mesmerised by the whole multisensory experience, she was crying with happiness.” 

Using the jukebox, Grosvenor care home has introduced a musical quiz with the residents, allowing the person who guesses the right song the chance to sing along to the track as it is played on the jukebox. It is also used to boost breakfast time every day as the residents start the day by listening to their favourite singers which has had a positive impact in many of the resident’s memory and happiness. Grosvenor is home to 40 older people with 80% living with dementia. Alzheimer’s Research UK anticipates that there will be one million people living with dementia in the UK by 2021.

Music is something that is enjoyed by people of all ages and to hear how our hand-crafted jukebox has supported these residents is incredibly heart-warming. We fully understand that music can evoke emotions in people and this coupled with the looks of our Classic Jukeboxes we not only have the power to stimulate audible memories, but visual ones too.