Is there an easy way to play a full CD album on a jukebox other than selecting each track individually?

Yes, you can quickly select playback of all the tracks on a specific CD as follows:

  1. Enter the disc number of the specific track you want to play (e.g. 105)
  2. Rather than entering a track number (e.g. 05) just enter 00
  3. The jukebox will then select the disc and commence playback of the full album. You can then use the options on the remote control to affect playback, for example:
  • >> will skip forwards to the next track on the album
  • << will replay the current track. Double pressing << will skip back to the previous track.
  • REJECT/DISC will eject the current album.

For specific features and instructions relating to your specific jukebox model, please consult your user manual.

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