What happens if my jukebox faults after warranty has expired?

All our jukeboxes are built to last a generation, but occasionally things will go wrong or break and we know it can be stressful and upsetting. That’s why we include free ‘real person’ telephone support with all our jukeboxes and that lasts for the lifetime of the jukebox.
If the worst should happen and your jukebox develops any kind of fault, contacting our support team is always the best first step to take. In many cases we’ll be able to resolve your issue over the phone, but if this isn’t possible it will get the fault registered so we can start to work through any steps required to get your jukebox back up and running.
If your product requires the attention of our engineers, we‘ll either provide you with instructions to remove and send the relevant parts back at our factory for repair, or in some specific cases we’ll arrange with you to repair the fault at your home.
Where faults which require repair occur outside the terms of your warranty, charges will apply to where you utilise parts or labour. If you would like to know more about the terms of our warranty you can read them in our Terms and Conditions


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