Can I stream my digital music content through the jukebox?

Many of Sound Leisure’s jukebox products feature a ‘Bluetooth Receiver’ as standard, allowing you to stream digital music from any mobile or compatible device to your jukebox. So whether its Apple Music, Spotify or Deezer, we’ve got it covered. But how does it work??
Regardless of your jukebox type (Vinyl 7”, CD, vinyl LP or Digital) music selections made at and played from your jukebox always take priority.
So, assume you’re streaming Spotify through your jukebox and enjoying your favourite relaxed Sunday morning playlist. Your partner decides they’ve had enough of the ‘weekend go slow’, so picks a high energy track from the jukebox to get you moving! Now who controls the playlist?
Well, both of you, but in this case your ‘high energy’ partner takes control initially, because their track selection was made on the jukebox, for playback by the jukebox. You’d therefore hear your streaming playlist fade out, then the jukebox track playback would begin. But don’t worry, as soon as the dancing is and the selected track finishes, the jukebox will automatically drop back to the streaming content so you both get a bit of what you like.
Check the ‘Specification Inc Dimensions’ section of each product page for more information. ‘Bluetooth Receiver’ will be clearly listed if this feature is included with a product.


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