Can I put shuffle mode on the jukebox?

Yes, of course!

All our CD and Vinyl jukeboxes can automatically select and play tracks to save you making selections, but the exact functionality depends on the format of music your jukebox plays (eg CD, vinyl 45 etc.)

The following general information should apply to all models:

  • To enabled a shuffle mode, press the “shuffle on” button on the remote control. A dot will appear on the jukebox display to confirm “shuffle mode” has been enabled.
  • Depending on your jukebox model, multiple shuffle modes may be available by pressing the “shuffle on” button multiple times. E.g. CD jukeboxes can shuffle discs (where entire albums are played) or tracks (where individual tracks are played.)
  • To disable shuffle mode press the “Shuffle Off” button on the remote control. The dot on the jukebox display will disappear to confirm “shuffle mode” has been disabled.


  • as 7″ singles only have one “track” per side, the shuffle ‘disc’ and shuffle ‘track’ produce the same outcome.
  • due to the nature of the medium, LP mechanisms are unable to select individual tracks from an album therefore the shuffle mode selects and plays random LP sides.

For specific features and instructions relating to your specific jukebox model, please consult your user manual.


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