Can I connect my Sonos unit to my jukebox?

Our D4 jukebox amplifier features 1 stereo audio output which can be used to output the audio from the jukebox to any compatible external device.  As long as you are not already using this to connect to another device you will be able to feed the audio from your jukebox to the Sonos system using a Sonos Port which costs around £400.

This will then transmit the audio from the jukebox wirelessly across your Sonos setup. Both the D4 amplifier and the Sonos Port use phono connections which features a separate plug for the left and right audio (usually red and white) at each end of the lead. To connect the Sonos device to the output of the jukebox amplifier you’ll just need a stereo phono to phono lead.

You can purchase a Sonos Port via the Sonos website, and if you need any assistance connecting it up please just get in touch.

Sonos Port (Nov2021)


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