Can I connect the jukebox to Bluetooth speakers?

Our D4 jukebox amplifier features 1x stereo audio output which can be used to output the audio from the jukebox to any compatible external device. Bluetooth speakers are usually supplied with a Bluetooth transmitter, which converts the audio content from a music source into a Bluetooth signal which can then be beamed across the room to the wireless speakers. To connect a jukebox to a Bluetooth transmitter, connect the ‘output’ from the jukebox amplifier to the ‘input’ on your Bluetooth transmitter.

The output on the jukebox amplifier is a ‘phono’ socket, which features a separate plug for the left and right audio channels (usually red and white.) If your Bluetooth transmitter feature identical phono inputs, you will require a stereo phono to phone lead to make the connection. If your Bluetooth transmitter features a small 3.5mm or large 6.35mm ‘stereo jack’ input, you will require a phono to 3.5mm or 6.35mm jack lead to connect the two devices.

Both lead types can be purchased from Sound Leisure and our helpful team is only a call away if you need any advice or support connecting your jukebox to external devices such as Bluetooth transmitters.

Stereo phono to phone lead.


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