Are the jukeboxes reliable?

You hear all too often “things aren’t built the way they used to be.” That’s not a comment you’ll ever hear regarding a Sound Leisure Classic Jukebox.

We’ve been designing and building jukeboxes for over 4 decades, and we’ve learnt a huge amount during that time. From becoming the first British company to design, develop and build a commercially viable and widely adopted jukebox platform in the 1970’s, we went on to pioneer the early development of digitised music platforms in the 1980’s and were responsible for the reintroduction of vinyl jukeboxes in 2016. We remain a globally recognised and respected leader in our sector with countless patents and industry firsts to our name.

We continue to go to huge lengths to ensure the quality of our machines remains extremely high, from the utilisation of innovative modern 3D CAD design, to our ongoing pledge to contunue hand-building every Classic jukebox in the UK using our skilled and experienced workforce. Our consistent success and growth, over a 40 year period which saw the demise of many long established jukebox manufacturers such as Seeburg and Wurlitzer, is based on our ongoing commitment to the development of better products and technologies and our unfading commitment to high quality British manufacturing.

  • We only build 1 grade of jukeboxes, there’s no difference between a Sound Leisure jukebox built to be used in a living room in Paris or a Las Vegas restaurant, they are identical in every respect.
  • The vast majority of our cabinets and technologies are developed to full commercial standards and all are independently safety tested and certified to modern standards.
  • All our mechanisms and jukebox technologies are designed, developed and manufactured in-house by our talented team of engineers and only available on Sound Leisure products. It’s only by retaining this level of control we are able to ensure a customer experience which is without compromise.
  • Our bubble tubes are encased in the same polycarbonate as used in Police riot shields.
  • Our “Golden Age” dome top cabinets are made from one piece of laminated ply wood, just like the originals were. We are the only manufacturer in the world still able to build cabinets this way.

We’ve filled venues across the world with music for over 40 years and produced hundreds of thousands of jukeboxes. While our manufacturing focus now sits entirely with Classic Jukeboxes, it’s reassuring to know every jukebox we build stands of the shoulders of four decades of knowledge, experience and expertise.




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