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Because every Sound Leisure Classic Jukebox is hand built to order, we have the ability to customise practically any aspect of its appearance, so if you have your own ideas about how your jukebox should look, we’re happy to oblige.

Our ‘Custom Shop’ design service is the only low volume, custom design and build jukebox service in the world, so we get to work on some pretty amazing projects! The following page contains information about our capabilities, design process and explains how to find the relevant options for each product.

Examples of our more recent ‘Custom Shop’ jukebox projects can be seen on our Pinterest page which is a great place to get ideas for your own project.

If you can dream it...

… we can build it!

The ‘Custom Shop’ is here to make your jukebox dreams come true, regardless of how big or small your idea. Here are just a few examples of what we can do:

  • a custom name plate which features a favourite photo, graphic of a family name or moto
  • a customised speaker cloth featuring bespoke artwork illustrating a chosen theme
  • a customised cabinet ‘paint job’ based on the colours of a clients favourite sports teams
  • a fully customised jukebox theme containing numerous customisations, e.g. Marshall Jukebox

Our customers have some incredible ideas and we love the ‘Custom Shop’ journey from exploration to production. Our experienced design team specialises in working with clients to develop their ideas, then create stunning artwork and concepts to bring these to life.

What can be customised?

We can customise most aspects of a jukebox, but to make things easier for our clients we’ve included ‘Custom Shop’ options for the most common customisations on all our jukeboxes product pages. To view these, just select ‘Configure & Buy’ on any jukebox product page. You can then select:

  • from a range of standard jukebox Cabinet finishes
  • from a range of ‘Add Ons’
  • from a range of ‘Custom Shop’ options

Each product page only shows options which are relevant to the jukebox model you are looking at, so different products will show different options. Each ‘Custom Shop’ option is identified using a graphic, showing the relevant jukebox (in black and white) and the custom component in pink. Here’s a few ‘Custom Shop’ examples from our popular Rocket model:

Custom Paint: Cabinet Metalwork to specific colour
Custom Artwork: Front Nameplate
Custom Artwork: Speaker Cloth
Custom Artwork: Vinyl Cabinet Graphics
Custom Artwork: Vinyl Mechanism front panel
Custom Paint: Title Metalwork to specific colour

Imagination is our only limitation...

Using the most common ‘Custom Shop’ options we can cover the majority of our clients requirements, but please don’t let this limit your ideas! Its simply impossible for us to show every customisation on this website, and we’re constantly developing new options and customisations as we complete each project, so imagination really is our only limitation! The images below show some of the individual ‘Custom Shop’ components we’ve created for recent projects, from name plates, to brushed copper cabinet sides and hand cut leather decorative pieces, the possibilities are endless…..

If you have an ‘Custom Shop’ idea that includes elements that aren’t currently available on our website, please just Contact Us.


Contact Us

The 'Custom Shop' process

You can order your ‘Custom Shop’ jukebox online, or by calling us.

Where you call us, you can discuss your ideas with our design team and we’ll then provide a detailed quotation so you can see exactly how the total cost is comprised. When ordering online, you can add ‘Custom Shop’ options to any of our models and the total price will change accordingly. Once we receive your order we’ll then make contact with you to discuss your ideas in detail.

However your order is placed, once we know exactly what you’re looking to achieve our design team will go to work and produce artwork and content based on your requirements:

  1. We’ll send the ‘Custom Shop’ concept/artwork to you for approval.
  2. You’ll be given plenty of opportunity to share your comments and feedback. We’ll then revise the designs again to ensure everything is as you require.
  3. If you’ve sent us artwork, images or logo’s etc (third party IP) you’ll be asked to confirm you have the relevant rights to use any such content.
  4. Once you are happy with everything, you’ll be asked to approve the design.

Our talented team will commence production of your ‘Custom Shop’ jukebox and components. We can keep you up to date with our progress and provide photo’s of the components and jukebox as it comes together.



Restrictions and limitations

There are no minimum requirements in terms of the quantity of custom components or jukeboxes we can produce. We’re happy make a single ‘Custom Shop’ item for a one off jukebox order, or dozens of customised jukeboxes for your brand or organisation.

We are unable to incorporate third party IP (including logo’s, licensed images & graphics etc) unless we have permission to do from the relevant rights owners. All our “branded” jukeboxes (e.g. Marshall, Jack Daniel’s, The Beatles etc) are manufactured under formal licence from the relevant IP owners.

For detailed information about our ‘Custom Shop’ service and the relevant restrictions please review our Terms and Conditions. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a ‘Custom Shop’ project, please just Contact Us.

Case Studies

Custom Shop SL15: Jägermeister
Custom Shop Rocket: Sola Flecha
Custom Shop Rocket: The Beatles – Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Vinyl Jukebox


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