• Our jukeboxes reflect the iconic retro styling of the original 1940s and 50s models but we give them a contemporary twist to ensure they fit seamlessly with modern homes and lifestyles. Choose your favourite cabinet style and finish, pick from CD, vinyl or digital technologies, then select Add-Ons and 'Custom Shop' options to make your jukebox unique. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen and women will then hand-build a dream machine, just for you.

    Sound Leisure was founded by Alan Black in 1978 and is now a third generation family-owned business with over 4 decades experience in the design and manufacture of jukeboxes. When you buy a Sound Leisure Classic Jukebox you join our family; a group of likeminded individuals who understand and appreciate the skill, energy, dedication and care that goes into the production of every single jukebox. We value our customers and take pride in welcoming them into the fold.

    For over forty years, we've designed, manufactured and assembled every jukebox and the majority of the components that go into them on our own shop floor. We are obsessive about quality, which is why we complete so much of the production process in-house. Our expertise is unparalleled and our products are built to last, so you never really own a Sound Leisure Classic Jukebox, you’re just taking care of it for the next generation.

Included with all Sound Leisure jukeboxes

Free 'Standard Delivery'

Every jukebox purchase includes free ‘Standard Delivery’ to a UK Mainland residence so you can relax and let us take care of the hard work! As part of your order process we’ll provide you with a delivery questionnaire which enables us to establish your specific delivery requirements. On the off chance your delivery requirements are more complex we can still help, but additional charges may apply. For more information please view our Shipping & Delivery information. If you would like more information regarding any of our delivery options or would like a quote to ship a jukebox to any location outside the UK, please contact us.


Lifetime access to 'real person' telephone support

Although our jukeboxes are designed to be to durable and simple to use, we also know if things don’t go to plan you just need someone to help put it right. Free lifetime access to our experienced telephone support service comes as standard with every jukebox purchase. We can also support your customer journey on the web or via email, so however you choose to get in touch we’re here to help.


Legendary build quality and reliablity

All Sound Leisure’s Classic Jukeboxes are manufactured to the highest standards and are built to last a generation. The vast majority of our jukebox models are designed, produced and independently safety tested to a full commercial standard and you’ll find thousands and thousands of our CD, vinyl and digital jukeboxes reliably entertaining customers in commercial venues across the world such as bars, clubs and restaurants, hotels, cruise liners and airports. When you buy a Sound Leisure Classic jukebox for your home, you don’t get a copy of a real jukebox, you get the real deal. All our jukeboxes are manufactured to the same, high specification, using the same production techniques and employing the same technologies and materials. We don’t make a lesser product just because its destined for a customers home!

Our jukeboxes and the technologies that go into them, have been tried and tested over 40 years in some of the hardest working commercial locations on the planet, so you can enjoy a trouble free ownership experience at home.

'Custom Shop' personalisation

Our Custom Shop service can turn a Sound Leisure Classic jukebox model into a entirely unique, bespoke work of art just for you. From simple personalisation such as a jukebox name plate featuring your family name or moto, to fully customised jukebox design featuring dozens of customisations. We work with individuals, companies and brands around the world to create one off jukebox dreams! For more information please visit our Custom Shop page or contact us.

In Stock, Built to Order or Pre Owned?

We offer customers a range of purchase options when buying a jukebox:

IN STOCK – Building a jukebox from scratch takes a long time, about 70 hours in total. If you need something quick, we have a number of models preconfigured, complete and ready to be delivered, but be warned…. they don’t hand around long.

BUILT TO ORDER – Most of our customers like to put their stamp on their jukebox from day one. By selecting a ‘built to order’ jukebox you can choose from our wide range of cabinet types, music formats, finishes and colours and from a host of add-ons and ‘Custom Shop’ options. You can’t rush perfection, but most of our customers are more than happy to wait.

PRE OWNED – We regularly acquire ex-demonstration jukeboxes, accessories and pre owned machines for resale to our customers. Any jukebox in this category undergoes a thorough factory service and is sold with the benefit from a new Sound Leisure warranty.


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