• Custom Shop Rocket: Homer Bailey, SOLA FLECHA

Making Sola Flecha

When Cincinnati Reds pitcher Homer Bailey contacted our US distributor Crosley with an idea for a custom jukebox for his ranch, we jumped at the chance to make it happen. When the Custom Shop team received an entire leather hide from Homer (!) we set to work with Crosley designing the rustic Country & Western themed jukebox. The “Sola Flecha” was unlike anything we have ever produced before, an entirely unique jukebox for a ‘one of a kind’ customer. Watch how the jukebox was put together from start to finish.

Standard Custom Shop options used on this project:

Custom Artwork – CD mechanism cover (CUSCLASSIC-02)

Custom Artwork – CD mechanism background (CUSCLASSIC-21)

Custom Artwork – Front name plate (CUSCLASSIC-10)

Custom Artwork – Main glass sticker set, 3 parts: Top sticker, bottom sticker, insert coin sticker (CUSCLASSIC-11)

None standard Custom Shop options used on this project:

Miscellaneous Custom Classic Jukebox element (CUSCLASSIC-22):

i.Wood panelled sides, stained, distressed and embossed with Sola Flecha logo.

ii.Leather finish front and back cowling, cash box door and display surround, embossed text.

iii.Leather Mech surround (3 parts: left, right & front)

Sound Leisure refines and refreshes the legendary designs of the 1940s and 50s to create jukeboxes of uncompromising quality that are contemporary, full of soul and the real deal. We also offers the only bespoke jukebox build service in the world via our Custom Shop service, producing one off and low volume custom jukeboxes based on our extensive range of cabinets and models. 

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RESTORATION: 1990’s CD Manhattan jukebox
RESTORATION: 1996 CD Gazelle jukebox


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