• Custom Shop Rocket: The Beatles, Sgt Peppers jukebox

In 2017 Sound Leisure were proud to launch the limited edition; The Beatles – Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Vinyl Jukebox. Officially endorsed and licensed by Apple Corps, the jukebox is Sound Leisure own tribute to one of the most iconic albums ever released, and was designed and built by our Custom Shop team. The jukebox was released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of the legendary album.

The jukebox cabinet features durable Vinyl Cabinet Graphics (CUSCLASSIC-09) depicting the iconic Sgt. Pepper’s album cover, which is also referenced inside the cabinet. Behind the 7″ vinyl mechanism a Custom Vinyl Mech Background (CUSCLASSIC-35) displays the tableau of celebrities and historical figures from the album cover, which extends down and around the mechanism and across the title card display area with a Custom Mech Surround (3 parts, left, right and front, CUSCLASSIC-14B).

Standing atop the vinyl mechanism, a bespoke centre piece was created (Miscellaneous Custom Classic Jukebox element, CUSCLASSIC-22) depicting Paul, John, Ringo and George holding the respective instruments. By producing this element we could separate the main characters in the artwork from the background image and create depth in the mechanism display area. The background artwork is illuminated by concealed LED’s which are housed on the rear of the vinyl mechanism.

A Custom Speaker Grille Cloth (CUSCLASSIC-09) was printed featuring the famous drum skin design and Custom Side Glasses (CUSCLASSIC-12) were designed and screen printed with the Sgt.Pepper’s florets.

Sound Leisure’s unique Vinyl Mechanism was, at the time, the only vinyl jukebox mechanism being manufactured anywhere in the world, holding seventy 7” records giving the user the option to select the A or B side (140 selections.) This was dressed with Custom Vinyl mechanism Wheel Covers (CUSCLASSIC-26) and Custom Vinyl Mechanism Front Artwork (CUSCLASSIC-25.) Clients are invited to sit back and watch as the psychedelic swirls spin to life as the mechanism ticks into action, alongside The Beatles in all their Sgt. Peppers uniformed splendour.

This Custom Shop design was finished off with a Custom Front Name Plate (CUSCLASSIC-10) featuring The Beatles logo and florets and a Custom Main Glass Sticker Set (top sticker, bottom sticker, insert coin sticker, CUSCLASSIC-11.) A Custom Paint, RAL specific finish to the Front & back cowling, cash box door & display surround (CUSCLASSIC-13) completed the design ensuring a full an accurate translation if the iconic artwork to its jukebox form.

Following its launch the Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Vinyl Jukebox was widely publicised across the web, TV and other media channels leading to an influx of enquiries and orders from across the globe. The jukebox was featured prominently on the homepage of The Beatles website for several weeks and was also nominated for a UK licensing industry awards. Production was limited to only 100 units and originally sold for £10,000, however these jukeboxes now achieve significantly higher prices… if you can find one!

Standard Custom Shop options used on this project:

Custom Artwork – Vinyl Mechanism front artwork (Mouse Hole.) CUSCLASSIC-25

Custom Artwork – Vinyl mechanism wheel cover artwork (pair.) CUSCLASSIC-26

Custom Paint (Metal) – Front & back cowling, cash box door & display surround to RAL colour. CUSCLASSIC-13

Custom Artwork – Vinyl Cabinet Graphics, left & right sides. CUSCLASSIC-08

Custom Artwork – Main glass sticker set, 3 parts: Top sticker, bottom sticker, insert coin sticker. CUSCLASSIC-11

Custom Artwork – Speaker Grill cloth, 850mm x 710mm. CUSCLASSIC-09

Custom Artwork – Front name plate. CUSCLASSIC-10

Custom Artwork – Side Glasses (pair.) CUSCLASSIC-12

Custom Artwork – Mech surround (3 parts: left, right & front.) CUSCLASSIC-14B

Custom Artwork – Vinyl mechanism background. CUSCLASSIC-35

None standard Custom Shop options used on this project:

Miscellaneous Custom Classic Jukebox element (CUSCLASSIC-22)

i. Plastic CNC cut centre piece depicting Paul, John, Ringo and George with UV printer artwork.

Sound Leisure refines and refreshes the legendary designs of the 1940s and 50s to create jukeboxes of uncompromising quality that are contemporary, full of soul and the real deal. We also offers the only bespoke jukebox build service in the world via our Custom Shop service, producing one off and low volume custom jukeboxes based on our extensive range of cabinets and models. 

If you have a Custom Shop jukebox project you would like to discuss, or have any questions about any of our products or Custom Shop options, please just get in touch using the Contact Us page.

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