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    There are very few factories left in Britain where raw materials enter one side of a building and beautiful finished products exit the other. From our R&D and 'Custom Shop' design studio, to the cabinet shop and mechanism production line, you can see the whole process from start to finish and meet the talented team who make it all possible. Finish your tour with a visit to our stunning showroom featuring Jukeboxes, neon signs, pool tables and a huge range of other cool items for your home, bar or games room. Please enter your contact details below and we'll make contact to discuss you requirements.

    Virtual tours and demonstrations now also available! 

    As seen on TV!

    As we are the only company in Europe building these amazing jukeboxes we’re often featured on both local and international TV programmes. Sound Leisure were pleased to welcome ITV’s Made In Britain into the factory during the summer of 2020 to learn a little bit about the lengths we go to when producing our amazing vinyl Classic Jukeboxes. First aired on the 1st April 2021 on ITV4, the film is from episode 1, series 3 of the popular TV programme.


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